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Order Biorhythms for Windows Pro 

Preferable way of payment is PayPal

Please send email to  valentasd@hotmail.com, and we will reply with PayPal Money Request. 
For other payment options please email. 

Price of Biorhythms for Windows Pro: 59 USD (49 Euro)


NOTE: If you are from USA, Canada, Latin America, you can contact company 

Halloran Software
Halloran Software

P.O. Box 75713
Los Angeles, CA 90075 U.S.A.
Orders: 1-800-SEA-GOAT (732-4628)
Fax: (818)-901-8875
Web site: http://www.halloran.com/allsoft.htm#biorhythms
Email: sales@halloran.com

Note: After installation of the program you have to click Help, Register Program, enter user name and then press Ask for Registration Code” button: email with program license information will be sent to the distributor. 
After payment you will receive Registration Code, which you have to enter into field  "Registration Code" (with Copy/Paste), press button "Register Program" and all features of the Biorhythms Pro program will be enabled. 

  Registration of the Program



Program license allows user to obtain up to 3 registration codes and to install Biorhythms Pro in up to three machines at one time. If user of the Biorhythms Pro program will obtain a new computer or will need to re-install program, user will be provided with additional registration code for free.